Please forgive me if I have overlooked the correct forum to post my question. I am new to the Knoxville area, and pregnant with our first child. I am looking for suggestions for recommended OB/GYNs in the area (Knoxville, Maryville, Alcoa, Sevierville) with good bedside manners.

Also, if anyone has any advice regarding Dr. Brabson specifically. I found a forum recommending his office (we are a thousand miles from home, family, friends, and familiar doctors). While it sounds good, to have midwives available, I was a little leery after my phone conversation with the nurse to schedule my first appointment. I am 11 weeks and tried to make an appointment at 8 (found out at 8 weeks), but was told to straighten out my insurance issues and call back. That is what I did, and was a little alarmed at the nurse's reaction to my waiting so long for a first appointment... While it was unintentional, the other offices I considered and called did not even see you until 10-12 weeks and advised me to take prenatals and make healthy choices until then, as not much could be done before that if complications did arise.

At Brabson's, the nurse said they wanted to see you at 6 weeks! I felt this was a little early since they cannot hear the heartbeat yet and if we had had low HCG, no heartbeat, or an empty sac I would have elected to wait and see a little longer anyways. The reaction made me a tad uncomfortable, since I have been trying to schedule an appointment and taking prenatals and was still within what friends with babies said was the normal timeline for a first appointment (my sister's first pregnancy was discovered at 5 months, her second was 13 weeks before the first appointment, and her third was 12 weeks). I do understand the importance of testing location, hormone levels, etc but still felt uncomfortable speaking with the nurse.

She warned me that I needed to come in immediately, even if it meant my husband could not come with me, as I was missing important prenatal care. Alarmed, I asked what care I was missing, and she calmed a bit and said testing - so, not "care" per se, testing. Basically, I will have two visit's worth of testing in one visit since I am not getting in until 12 weeks...

That isn't the best sign for me, being so far from home and reassurance from family I prefer find a doctor that makes me feel comfortable and supported (though obviously honest, that isn't what I am saying). I would have liked to be seen sooner but the office did not give me that option. I kept my appointment with them, but hope it is not a sign of things to come... I do not want to go somewhere that makes me feel uncomfortable. I understand this is just one discussion and may not represent what I should expect, but felt other moms in the area might have good advice.

Does anyone have an opinion of Brabson's office? Good or bad? Or can anyone make a suggestion for a good OB/GYN in the area with a good bedside manner? Someone not c-section/induction happy that does not do unnecessary tests to pad the bill? Just good, normal prenatal care with a welcoming staff...

Also, my husband's employer does offer insurance, but we found out we were pregnant just before qualifying and were told pregnancy is "pre-existing" and advised to sign up for Bluecare until the birth. While we are okay paying out of pocket for most care, I did sign up to ensure that if any major, unforeseen complications occurred, we would be covered. So, unfortunately, we are limited to Bluecare doctors for the time being.

We will have BCBS in November, so pediatrician recommendations are also very helpful.

Thank you so much for any advice.

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